What font is used for the university wordmark?
The wordmark is a unique manipulation of typography to create our distinct university identity. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate the wordmark.

How do I get my artwork of my unit name below the university wordmark?
All college wordmarks have been created and are available for download on CyPoint. A suite of individual, customized wordmarks can be ordered through the Office of University Marketing. These suites include all approved orientations (primary/secondary) and variations (colors, registration/trademark) of the wordmark.

Why has the name of the “nameplate” been updated to “wordmark”?
The use of “wordmark” clarifies in today’s brand nomenclature to better reflect the prestige and .. In the world of brand vocabulary “wordmark” better describes this graphic element as our university logo.

We have decided to update our brand nomenclature to be more consistent with current brand standards. What we used to call “university nameplate” is now to be called “university wordmark”.

Why do I have to design with only two type font families? 
The university’s two type families have been carefully selected for graphic communications: ITC Berkeley Old Style and Univers. These two type families, highly versatile and highly legible, are compatible with each other as well as with our wordmark. ITC Berkeley is a traditional serif typeface. Univers is a sans serif typeface with a clean, modern look. Together, they reflect these two traits that embody Iowa State University. The wide range of weights available in both families provide several options necessary to create an effective typographic message. The font families may be used alone or in combination to create graphical interest. Consistent use of the university fonts ensures that no matter what communication piece you are developing, the Iowa State brand will always be immediately recognizable and will maximize our marketing reach.

What colors are the university’s cardinal red and cardinal gold?
Pantone 186 C is Iowa State’s red and Pantone 142 C is Iowa’s State gold. The athletic department uses a different set of reds and golds for its logos, uniforms, etc. (Note: When using Pantone 142 on uncoated paper stock, a custom color match has been developed to better replicate the coated paper stock color profile of Pantone 142. Please contact Printing Services for more information.)

Why has the color palette changed?
The university color palette has been carefully updated to freshen and widen the color options available while carefully preserving the environmental, nature-inspired feel that is uniquely Iowa State. Additionally, some of the Pantone colors are now better suited for consistent print production. Since cardinal and gold are the cornerstone university brand colors, the primary and secondary palettes have been adjusted to better communicate this point. The secondary palette should be used to add variety and depth to your marketing materials.

Why are some assets on CyPoint?
CyPoint allows you to access a variety of proprietary graphics, brand elements and messages that are strategic for only Iowa State uses. Through your NetID and password, you have a convenient way of ensuring your communications build a consistent image for your unit and the university.