Consistent use of typography is the foundation of the Iowa State brand standards. Our graphic communications reach many overlapping audiences and it is important that the university’s image is reflected clearly and consistently in all situations. Careful use of typography establishes a unique graphic look that is instantly identified with Iowa State, creating a cohesive, professional image.

Two type families have been carefully selected for graphic communications: ITC Berkeley Old Style and Univers. These two type families, highly versatile and highly legible, are compatible with each other as well as with our wordmark. ITC Berkeley is a traditional serif typeface. Univers is a sans serif typeface with a clean, modern look. Together, they reflect these two traits that embody Iowa State University. The wide range of weights available in both families provide several options necessary to create an effective typographic message. The font families may be used alone or in combination to create graphical interest.

When creating electronic communications, such as emails and e-newsletters like MailChimp or Constant Contact, use Times New Roman or Arial, if ITC Berkeley Old Style and Univers aren’t available.

Below are the commonly used faces within these approved type families which are available for purchase through This online resource can help find and identify fonts.