Photography is a tool that allows you to convey the Iowa State University brand in an interesting and provoking manner. A strong and representative image can easily become a headline or introductory sentence of your piece. It is important that the photo be representative of the content within the marketing piece. Photography should be used to compliment that content as well as a tool to create an emotional connection to the piece.

The following elements should be taken into account when selecting photography:

  • Choose photos with a unique angle
  • Images should have a visually pleasing composition and be cropped in an interesting way
  • Photo composition should be taken into account when choosing photos for specific materials
  • Choose photos with dynamic lighting
  • Photos should be participatory in nature, as if the viewer is experiencing the event first-hand
  • Photos should be action-oriented and not appear staged
  • No other brands should be prominently presented (large logos on t-shirts, hats, etc)
  • Subjects should not be looking directly at camera or appear to be posed

If you are doing a photoshoot, you must have your subjects complete a Photography and Publicity Release Form.

The Office of University Marketing has made its photography available to view and download for use. These photos are organized according to brand subject matter. Consider what messages you are trying to convey with photography and select accordingly. You will find the same photos in various categories.

Office of University Marketing Innovation Photo Archive

Below are examples of photos that convey the photography elements described above.