A brand is an asset—to be protected, preserved, and nurtured.

Building, protecting, and enhancing the brand requires desire and a disciplined approach to ensure its integrity and relevance.

What is a Brand?

It's a feeling. It's a perception. It's the culmination of each individual element of an organization that is experienced by someone. For Iowa State, it includes our wordmark, the sound of the Campanile bells on a spring day, our websites, the way we answer the phone, and everything in between. Each element is critical to the cumulative success of the overall university brand.

The Iowa State University Master Brand

Our brand strategy is built to further the mission of our inaugural land-grant university heritage and to support our vision of promoting, teaching and practicing innovation and entrepreneurship for the good of our students, faculty, staff and society. This vision of innovation serves as the university’s brand messaging strategy and is an invitation to all who want their education, profession, or community to be more expansive.

Innovate at Iowa State

Iowa State is a place where everyone is welcome to share ideas, collaborate and benefit from the spirit of innovation. Innovate at Iowa State encapsulates that invitation. It gives a voice to innovation at Iowa State and is the messaging platform we use to connect Iowa State’s offerings across the university. It unifies our messaging to further enhance the reputation of the entire university.