Affiliate Wordmark Guidelines

Affiliates of the university include our centers and institutes. Since the affiliate’s name will not include the Iowa State University name, the wordmark visually represents these relationships. NO OTHER LOGOS, SYMBOLS OR TYPE TREATMENTS should be developed or used for these groups.

  • Alignment

    The alignment options are left or center aligned, dependent upon the flush placement of the surrounding typography.





  • Area of Isolation

    An area of isolation must be utilized for the wordmark to achieve maximum visual impact. Do not place type, photos, or any other high contrast elements within this area. The area of isolation represents the space surrounding all four sides of the wordmark and can be measured by 1/2 of the height of the letter “I” in “Iowa” of the university wordmark.


  • Color

    When the wordmark includes the affiliate name, the wordmark/affiliate combination can only be printed in one of the following colors.


  • Minimum Size

    The size of our wordmark's large capital letters (I, S, or U) should be no smaller than 1 pica (.17 of an inch) in cap height, to ensure sharp and legible reproduction.




  • Typography

    The affiliate name should be typeset in Univers Black upper and lowercase. Additionally, the size of the affiliate name is determined by making the height of the first capital letter in the unit name equal to half of  the height of the cap “I” in the wordmark. 

  • Trademark Symbols

    When the wordmark appears on merchandise or apparel, it should always have a ® registration symbol. When the wordmark appears on any other type of apparel, including headwear or footwear, the ™ trademark symbol should be used. The ® and ™ symbols are not needed on stationery, marketing collateral or interactive communications.

    Correct placements for both the ® and ™ symbols with the wordmark are shown below.