Nametags/Badges Print Collateral

Nametags fall into two categories: permanent and temporary. The goal of a nametag is to identify the person wearing the nametag and communicate a clear association between that person and Iowa State University and the unit they are representing.

An official format has been developed for permanent nametags. The university wordmark is located at the top with the unit name below. The person’s name is set prominently across the bottom of the nametag in Univers Bold. If this font is not available, helvetica bold or a similar bold sans serif typestyle should be used. Acceptable color combinations have been chosen.

Cyclone Awards and Engraving, located in Ames, Iowa, is a licensed vendor with the various templates. You can contact its representatives at 515-232-9980 or to order name badges. If you are a licensed vendor and would like access to the templates, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office,



Temporary nametags may be designed for specific events. The design must follow university graphic identity system guidelines for the use of the wordmark, typography, and color. The example below was developed for an official university sponsored symposium.